Headlights to Tail Lights, and Everything in Between
Repair, Replace, and Restore

We are a no-nonsense, get it right the first time type of repair shop. We hold you and your vehicle in high regard, just like we hold our stellar reputation. Neither one of them will suffer. How many hours and how many dollars have you wasted dealing with incompetent or unethical mechanics? Hopefully not too many, and it definitely will not ever be that way with us. Your car, any make or model, will be in good hands in one of our six bays, or on top of one of our five lifts. Our beautiful repair shop allows us the space to get to know your vehicle. Taking our time with each diagnosis allows us to make the best decisions for your repairs. One of our preliminary services is the Drivability-Diagnosis that will check the vehicle on all problematic points that could prevent the vehicle from being safe to drive. Whatever the diagnosis turns up, we have the skills and tools to fix it. Brakes, Transmission, Electrical Systems, Steering and Suspension, and A/C Service Repair, are just a few of the many services that Bell Road Automotive provides.

An Ounce of Prevention

Any good mechanic understands how the car can be a lot like the human body. It usually comes down to how well you treat it, which will determine how well it operates. Bringing your vehicle into Bell Road Automotive for routine maintenance will keep it healthy and running smoothly. Adhering to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance intervals is a rule that Bell Road Automotive follows to make and model specifications. Our services include the fixing of any malfunctions that you experience today, as well as eliminating any that could potentially come in the future.