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Hitting The Road - Our tips before you go!

Hitting the Road...

Being in Phoenix we have so many options for road trip travels. Within hours we can be in the mountains skiing or hiking or at the beach sunning and surfing. As you plan that next trip we have a few items you shouldn't forget and a few things to double heck before you leave!

Lights - Be sure other drivers can see your headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals. Some headlights can be polished instead of being replaced when you see they are becoming cloudy from the weather.

Wipers - Because we don't seem to use them that often here in Arizona, we forget about how our hot summers can cause our wipers to become dry and cracked and they won't clean your windshield. Don't wait until you need them to find out they need to be replaced.

Battery - The average lifespan of a car battery in Arizona is less than 3 years. Don't find out the heat zapped it half way through your trip.

Filters - With our monsoon summer storms, your filters can be really dirty and causing a dirt smell inside your vehicle . Besides affecting airflow and quality in your car, dirty filters can also hurt fuel efficiency and performance. 

Tires - As temps drop, your tire pressure light is more likely to come on. For every 10 -degree drop in temperature, tire pressure drops about 1 psi. Research shows that tires age faster in hot climates so we know what that means in Arizona. Cracks, bulging and worn areas can't always been seen without getting under the vehicle.

Tips for winter travels - road tripping to the high country or to a northern winter state?

  • Make sure your spare has air?
  • To prevent freezing, have a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water in your radiator.
  • Keep the gas tank as full as possible to prevent the gas lines from freezing.
  • Car trouble, pull off as far as possible to avoid other traveling vehicles.
  • If your car can't be moved off the road, raise the front hood and turn on hazard lights so the vehicle can be seen easily.

Suggested items to include in an emergency kit for any travels:

  • Blanket, boots, gloves and extra clothing
  • Mobile phone, charging cable and back-up power pack.
  • Jumper cables
  • Extra water and food, including hard candies
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight with new batteries
  • Flares and/or reflectors
  • Tire gauge, spare tire and a jack

Safe Travels...

Stay Informed

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