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Check Engine Light – Phoenix, AZ

We diagnose and repair all Check Engine Light issues!

How long have you been driving with your check engine light on in Phoenix, AZ? When this dashboard light turns on in your car, you may not notice any issues right away, but the truth is this light does not turn on without a reason!

Your Phoenix Check Engine Light Specialists

The check engine light in your car is a warning light, alerting you that one of your vehicle systems is not operating the way that it should. It may not mean that a particular system is broken, but that if something is not corrected a small issue could turn into a bigger problem soon.

Whenever you have a question or need help with your check engine light in Phoenix, simply bring your car, truck, SUV, minivan or crossover vehicle to the auto repair experts at Bell Road Automotive. Our mechanics are highly skilled, ASE Certified Technicians, and have the latest technology to properly read the trouble codes from your car’s computer and repair whatever needs to be fixed. We’ll get the check engine light to turn off and get your car back on the road quickly and safely! Simply stop by, give us a call or easily schedule an appointment online today and our friendly team will be happy to help.

What does it mean if my check engine light turns on?

Depending on the vehicle, there can be more than 300 different things that an illuminated check engine light indicates. Your automobile’s check engine light is connected to the onboard computer, and this computer monitors many vehicle systems, including your engine, exhaust and more. Unfortunately, this light does not instantly tell you what it has found wrong with your vehicle, so your car must be taken to a trusted auto repair mechanic. Your mechanic uses a special instrument to read the trouble codes from your car’s computer. These trouble codes tell them which vehicle system is failing so they can further check out that vehicle system to see what is wrong and correct the issue.

Can I drive with my Check Engine Light on?

Yes and no. You can technically drive with your check engine light on, but you really should not drive very much. It is in your best interest to just drive your car to your auto repair shop for a diagnosis. As we mentioned before, your check engine light is a warning light, and it could be warning you that something is about to break. If you take your car to a professional mechanic in Phoenix right away, they can diagnose and repair the issue before it turns into a major and expensive repair! There is one instance that you should never drive, however, and that is if your check engine light is flashing.

Why should I not drive if my Check Engine Light is flashing?

Never drive if your check engine light is flashing! If this light is flashing it means there is a major misfire occurring, such as excess fuel getting into your exhaust system. Misfires cause major damage, so if you see your check engine light flashing pull over to the nearest safe location immediately, and call a tow truck to have your vehicle towed to an auto repair shop.

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